Mission & Vision
  • Vision – to become a trusted and recognised professional firm
  • Mission – Assist and accompany our valued client in their projects
  • Motto – Personal Attention !
  • Environment – Eco friendly will be at the forefront of all our activities
  • Equality & Diversity – we value the contribution that people of all backgrounds offer
  • Service – We will thrive to deliver the highest customer service experience
  • Giving Back – A percentage of our profits will be used towards charities / NGOs helping the underpriviledged

About us

SilverFin Consulting Ltd [ the “Company”] is an established and independent Accounting & Business Consulting firm duly approved by the ACCA and MIPA.

But we are more than just accountants, we are also business consultants and this help our clients through the provision of a range of offerings by building a strong and lasting relationship. To provide for a more efficient and friendly service, we have grouped our range of services under 4 lines, namely Accounting, Consulting, Risk & Compliance and Advisory.

Personal touch, availability and proximity with our clients are at the heart of our professional services so that our clients can experience the highest customer service. So, whether you are looking to set up a business, growing your business or is an established one, we have genuine interest in you and your business.

Our objective is to give you a customer experience drawn from our own experiences and to support you in your business whilst keeping you up to date and compliant. We will also work together in the smooth transition to a more digitalised and connected world.

The partner has worked on the strategic direction of the Company and with his existing networks and experience, he is confident that the company will grow to a sizable one by 2024 and tie in with an international partner by 2025.